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70% Revenue Share for new affiliates – better offer or not than 50%


Is 70% offer for new IQOption affiliates better than old 50%?

As you may noticed, all recent IQOption changes are not affiliate friendly. It used to be the best affiliate program, maybe still is. But the recent changes together with tight regulatory changes makes more difficult to attract new traders. Also IQOption has to work much harder to convert sign ups to active traders and retain them.

Affiliates has to work much harder and for less commission. The beginning of not affiliate friendly changes started with negative carryover introduction at the end of 2017. Now yo have to attract at least 31 FTD in the last 30 days to have original 50% revenue share.

Traders activity definitely dropped. Just have a look at Top 10 affiliates tabl below:

iqoption-top-ten-affiliates-table-20180906It used be like that as I captured in January 2018:iqoption-top-ten-affiliates-table-20180123So the traders retention is more expensive due to competition and regulatory changes. Traders activity for some reasons is down as you can see.

So IQOption has to look for savings and seems that the market is a little bit saturated just now, they scraped 50% revenue share lifetime offer for new affiliates. And despite the ‘beautiful’ wording I am sure in the long term it will pay much less to the affiliates. In the current market it would not be wise to pay more to affiliates. Still I am very glad that all old affiliates who worked hard to promote IQOption brand are on old rules of 50% revenue share despite negative carryover for most of us. It may look better in the short term but I believe in the long run new affiliates ‘lose out’ as I am pretty sure IQ Option is not giving a ‘free lunch’ by introducing new 70% commission (which drops to 15% after fifth month).

To recap: I still believe that it’s the best and the most lucrative affiliate program out there so I would encourage new affiliates to take that offer and start promoting IQOption.

MYSELF I would call the new commission system a Hybrid CPA & Revenue Share. Why?

Please have a look at official announcement if you missed it to find out:


IQ Option introduced a Dynamic offer, where new affiliates receive 70% revenue share for the first month after the trader’s registration and the gradually changing share for the consecutive months.

What makes it appealing to affiliates? As you can see from the chart below, the majority
of traders make their first deposits during the first month of joining the platform:

how big is traders first deposit

The new offer is designed to utilize this advantage and give new affiliates the biggest revenue share when the user’s activity is at its peak — meaning the very beginning of their trading journey. It’s a great opportunity for affiliates to earn the highest profit from their most recent traders.

Here’s how the new offer works:

  1. 70% revenue share is paid for the first month after the trader’s registration
  2. 57% for the second month
  3. 50% for the third
  4. 35% for the fourth
  5. 20% for the fifth
  6. 15% for the sixth and all subsequent months

For example, if the broker’s profit in the first month after traders’ registration was $1000, with the new payment model you’d receive $700!

In case the affiliate is inactive for longer than three months, the revenue share percentage can decrease, as described in Our offers. This is because only 19% of users trade on the platform longer than five months and it is usually the broker who works on their conversion and retention. The updated offer will ensure that new affiliates get the most profitable results the moment their traders join the platform.

Please note that affiliates who signed up for our program before September 3rd will continue to receive 50% Lifetime Revenue Share. The new payment model applies only to those registered after its introduction.

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IQoption would like to remind you that it’s prohibited to register yourself by your own affiliate link.

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