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How to advertise business in Thailand – tips, review, opportunities

Thailand Mobile Landscape, Thailand Digital Landscape, YouTube video in Thailand.

youtube video in thailand

Today we want to tell you about one of the fastest developing countries in Southeast Asia: Thailand.

In 1996, the Kingdom of Thailand was one of the first countries in Southeast Asia to gain access to the internet. Nevertheless, only 38.8% of the population of Thailand uses the World Wide Web today. High-speed internet coverage is uneven across the country: large cities and Phuket have broadband access, while parts of the countryside and many islands that aren’t on main tourist routes are completely deprived of network access. Mobile internet is predominant in Thailand and will soon become the main type of connection.

Thailand Mobile Landscape

thailand mobile landscape

3G is the most common type of mobile connection (36 million users), but the 4G audience is growing faster and, according to forecasts, will eventually take the lead. The Internet Freedom index of 2014 gave Thailand a score of 62 out of 100 possible points of lack of freedom, which indicates significant restrictions. This fact needs to be considered when operating in the country.

About 93% of Thais use social networking sites and only 6.2% of the online audience has never used them. Most people prefer to communicate in the virtual space using a mobile phone.

Among social networks, Facebook is the leader, with an audience of 28 millionpeople, and Thailand is the ninth country in the world ranked by the number of Facebook users. The Facebook pages of local celebrities and brands are very popular with residents of Thailand. The list of the most popular online media, according to Facebook data, consists exclusively of Thai resources, which means that Thailand is primarily focused on local content.

Thailand Digital Landscape

thailand digital landscape

The share of Internet advertising is only 6.11% of the total advertising market in Thailand, but in comparison with neighboring countries this is a relatively high level. In addition, Thailand is the ninth largest country in the world in terms of mobile advertising spending.

The Twitter audience in the country is 4.5 million people, although 61% of accounts are inactive. Instagram enjoys popularity among young people, with 1.7 million users. YouTube has 630,000 Thai channels and 5.3 million uploaded videos.

YouTube video in Thailand

youtube video in thailand

Although the industry has barely gotten on its feet, it is already in need of development in the mobile sector, where the largest and youngest audience is concentrated. The popularity of Facebook and YouTube makes online advertising in Thailand focused mainly on these resources.

There are three compelling factors for investing in traffic acquisition in Thailand.

  1. Despite frequent political coups, Thailand’s economy continues to grow steadily. Along with the appearance of freelance as a way to earn money, the mobile internet has become very popular, and this is fertile ground for ecommerce. The Thai market is one of the most promising for business development in this area.
  2. In addition to opportunities in the local economic market, the border with China gives Thailand an advantage over other countries in the region (the Philippines and Indonesia) that do not have direct contact with land.
  3. Residents of Thailand prefer the Internet over TV. Accordingly, the audience impact for online advertising is greater than for television.

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