huis IQoption Nuus & wenke IQOPTION-toernooie - hoe om pryse te verhandel en te wen

IQOPTION-toernooie - hoe om pryse te verhandel en te wen

IQ Option tournaments are very popular. Learn how to play these tournamenst, how to win prizes, learn tournament strategies, tips for trading players. Check tournaments in your country and your eligibility to take part.

Gratis IK OPSIE Toernooie
Sien asseblief die komende toernooie

Take notice: Tournaments are unavailable for traders from EEA countries

Updated 10/2019 Helloween Tournament

IQOption offers to its traders more than a platform where they can trade and check charts and quotes. In addition to that, they get a great competitive and learning experience outside of usual trading.


Tournaments are a part of that experience. IQ Option holds both regular and unique tournaments with big prize pools. And this time it is a Halloween Tournament that is offered to traders. Even better, it is actually two tournaments!

One of them is free, so users can take part in it without the need to spend any money at all.

Trick or Trade

Prize Pool — $2,000
October 16-31, 2019
Duration 15 days
Entry fee: Free

Halloween Tournament

Prize Pool — $15,000
October 16-31, 2019
Duration 15 days
Entry fee: $4

Vry IQOPTION Tournaments for Traders

Free weekly tournaments for all traders were recently implemented on the IQOPTION platform. The main prize in them is a ticket for free participation in one of the larger paid tournaments. IQOPTION provides more and more tools for beginning traders.

From now on, users can get the full range of emotions, and perhaps win a significant prize in the tournament from the IQOPTION for free.

Jy kan die lys van die komende toernooie sien in die ooreenstemmende artikel op die platform.

Sien asseblief die komende toernooie

What is a tournament?

The tournament is a competition between traders where everyone can participate. Each participant gets a tournament account with the same amount of money. You can only trade binary options in tournaments. Aside from that, there aren’t any rules: you can trade in any asset and invest any available funds.

The winner is the trader who finishes with the most money on the tournament account. The prize pool is usually divided among the best traders from 9 to 30 people.

How does it work?

Each trader is provided with a special $10,000 tournament account, initial conditions being equal. The leaderboard shows how much money each participant has in the tournament account in descending order.

The tournament prize is credited to your real account in the form of real funds. 80% of your entry fee is transferred to the prize pool. You are allowed to refill your tournament account throughout the entire tournament.

Is it possible to Rebuy?

In some tournaments, you can reload your account balance by depositing the original amount in real money. For example, if a tournament allows rebuys and your starting balance is $100, you can click “Rebuy” next to the balance and you will have $200 on your account.

The number of rebuys during the tournament is unlimited, but only if the current balance and the profit from open positions are less than the starting balance. At the start of the tournament, you can reload once. The rebuy amounts are totaled and added to the tournament prize pool.

How can I check my tournament position?

Before the tournament begins, the top traders are selected at random. Once the tournament has started and participants begin trading, the people in the list will be ordered according to the balance on their tournament accounts.

How can I collect a prize in a tournament?

If you are awarded one of the prizes in the tournament, your winnings are automatically credited to your real account.

Van amptelike webwerf oor toernooie:

"Toernooie is 'n manier van die neem van 'n klein risiko finansieel wat potensieel 'n groot beloning kon oplewer.

Tydens 'n paar van ons vorige toernooie, het die totale prysgeld oorskry $ 100,000, met die wenner ontvang sowat $ 10,000.

Gewoonlik, hierdie opbrengskoers is nie moontlik deur eenvoudig binêre opsies handel. Ten einde om te wen $ 10,000, sal jy nodig het om te maak ambagte wat duisende dollars 'n tyd kos, wat beteken dat jy die gevaar dat geld met elke handel wat jy maak. Terwyl met 'n binêre opsies handel toernooi, die koop in kan wees so min as $ 4.

The tournaments last for 1 month, and entry costs vary from $4 up to $20. Unlike some other tournaments, with IQOPTION you can rebuy entry to the competition. This gives you the opportunity to remain in the competition and gives you repeated chances of placing highly in the tournament and winning big!

Aanvanklike toestande is gelyk in die toernooi, ten einde aan almal 'n billike begin gee. Hoe meer deelnemers is daar, hoe groter die prysgeld beskikbaar. Vir jou aanvanklike inskrywingsfooi, sal jy 'n spesiale toernooi rekening gekry het met $ 10,000.

Jy kan sien hoe jy die plasing in die kompetisie deur die nagaan van ons lewe, online leier raad. Dit kan jy ook weet hoe die kompetisie doen, en hoeveel van die prys pool jy in aanmerking kom om te wen.

Die $ 10,000 wat jy gebruik om te speel tydens die toernooi kan nie teruggetrek word. Dit sal egter jou prysgeld word toegeskryf aan jou rekening in die vorm van die regte geld wat jy dan kan onttrek en geniet!

As jy meer wil weet praktyk het voor die aanvang van een van ons handelsvennote toernooie, dan teken in op ons gratis demo handel rekening. Jy hoef nie enige geld ten einde opsies handel en kry 'n paar praktyk in deponeer, en dit is 'n groot en veilige manier om binêre opsies te leer.

It looks the same as our binary options trading platform so you can get used to using it and making trades before entering a tournament and playing for real. Risiko-evaluering en die begrip van die risiko in die handel is 'n belangrike deel van binêre opsies handel, en meer inligting kan gevind word op ons risikobestuur bladsy.

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