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What affects the loyalty of customers?

What affects the loyalty of customers?

IQ OPTION wanted to share with you a curious analysis of several cases from its partners.

The study involved a sample of partners – site owners for the period May-July. Analyzing the data, IQ OPTION noted the increase in turnover and conversion, as well as the amount of deposits by 10-15% in 80% of the affiliates.

The reason for the growth was a somewhat obvious thing: warnings about risks increased the loyalty of traders!

Traders become more demanding and less naive, and everyone knows, that there is no such a thing as a free lunch. The warning of possible losses and awareness of the product forces users to approach trading more consciously, and therefore, do not build illusions and stay on the platform for longer.

IQ OPTION always warnsits users, thus showing thathey do not have the task to squeeze the last penny out of them, promising a quick income but to provide a full-fledged, first-class service that will bring pleasure and unique experience.

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