for users who want to buy or keep cryptocurrencies

For users who want to buy or keep cryptocurrencies

What is the key to successful marketing campaigns? Is it the product you’re promoting, the eye-catching promo materials or maybe engaging content?

More often than not, each component contributes in its own way, helping marketers like you achieve their best results. But there’s one factor that can get overlooked while focusing too much on conversion rates, which may consequently undermine your efforts, and it’s name is personalisation.

So how can you personalise, for example, your cryptocurrency campaigns? One way to do so is to promote a product that fits the users’ specific needs:

  1. Hodly – for users who want to buy or keep cryptocurrencies

  2. IQ Option – for users who want to benefit from price fluctuations

Hodly is a perfect choice for beginners who are looking to enter the cryptocurrency world, but don’t know where to start. It’s fast, secure and, most importantly, user-friendly. Moreover, commission for transfers outside of Hodly has recently been reduced to 2.5% and conversion into deposits went up to 16.7% this month from 14.9% in May.

The list could go on, but why not let IQoption promo materials “sell” Hodly for you? Check the latest advertising campaign Hodly to choose a landing page or a banner to your liking.