IQ OPTIONAffiliates press release:

French new regulation for Binary Options advertising

In February 2017 the new advertising restrictions from the regulator AMF came into force. We highly recommend that you read the list of changes.

French regulator (AMF) has released some of the restrictions on advertising of binary options in France, in connection with which you will be required to make changes to existing campaigns.

Advertising Restrictions:

You can not use words Binary options, Forex, CFD or words of similar meaning in advertising. This includes banner ads, videos, advertising on social networks, advertising on the Internet articles and any other advertising on the Internet.
Phrases like: «make a good business» and/or «to trade» can’t be used in advertising.

You can use:

  • Training, seminars, webinars, if they do not mention Binary Options, Forex.
  • IQ OPTIONreviews on websites and blogs, as long as no traffic was purchased for the article.

Please note, that the penalty of 100 000 EU will be imposed on anyone, violating the advertising requirements.

In the next post, we will show you the top countries for which you can purchase traffic much more efficiently than in France.

If you have any questions regarding the relevance of your review and promotional materials, as well as ways to increase your income, you can always contact your IQ OPTIONmanager or leave a message via Support section.

Recent Update:

Features of working with French customers

If you have content in French, it is quite possible that visitors from France will see it. To protect yourself against possible violations of the ban on the distribution of advertising and other information about binary options in France, please:

  • Make a geo-exclusion for visitors from France

Or if you do not have such a technical capability

  • Place a stub on the page with a large warning that the citizens of France should leave the page:Ce site n’est pas destiné à être vu par les résidents de France. S’il vous plaît quittez la page si vous êtes situé en France.

For any traffic, we recommend using a universal link for mixed traffic that will redirect the banned users to your backlink.

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