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GDPR in affiliate marketing – how to be compliant?

GDPR for affiliate marketers

Affiliate marketers and GDPR – what marketers should do to be compliant.

Tips and advises for affiliate marketers – GDPR what does it means for them.

If the GDPR applies to you, you must inform your customers under which basis you are collecting the data and the purpose for the collection. This may include updating privacy policies and cookie notices.

There is a lot of information what it means for affiliate marketers but generally it’s dry and hard to comprehend. From small affiliate perspective GDPR still affects most of us because:

  • we all have some sort of analytics on the website
  • i.e: we display comments on our websites
  • we have affiliate links
  • using mailing lists is still very popular amongst affiliates

Here some more information on the subject of GDPR:

From the point of view of small single affiliate marketer it’s difficult to comprehend how to be complient with GDPR.

I think there will be soon good free WordPress solutions to automate GDPR. At this moment many developers/companies try to ‘cash’ on opportunity GDPR giving them.

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