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Google Ads: Advanced geotargeting settings

Google Ads- Advanced geotargeting settings

Today IQoption has useful tips to help you get the most of geotargeting with Google Ads. That’s a lot to cover, so let’s get to it!

You may have heard that Google Ads has updated its advanced location targeting for ad campaigns. Geotargeting settings allow you to enable or disable display ads to users while taking into account where the user is most likely located or places they have shown interest in. One of the available targeting settings has been changed from “People in your targeted locations” to “People in or regularly in your targeted locations.” Thus, if you select this option, those users who regularly visit the target location (for example, for work or travel) will see the advertisement, even if they are not physically there during the search.

By default, Google Ads advertising campaigns are set to a different option: “People who are in, or show interest in, your targeted locations.” This is the widest coverage option, allowing you to reach those who are in your targeted location, regularly visit it, or are interested in it. In most cases, choosing a different targeting option will decrease the number of impressions. Google recommends doing this only if you need to refine your campaign traffic.

To check which option you have selected, go to Settings, select the desired campaign, go to Locations and choose “Location Options.”

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Although the final choice of advertising campaign targeting is up to you, make sure that your advertisements are not being displayed to users for who the ads are irrelevant. For example, to prevent your ads from showing to users in restricted countries, we recommend blocking your ads from being shown in specific locations. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of countries that is correctly parsed by Google, thanks to which editing your settings will only take 1 minute. You can find the list on the “Exceptions” tab.

Please note that IQOption still do not accept traffic from Iran, North Korea, Syria and Sudan. You are not able to purchase traffic from these countries through Google Ads, and respectively, you cannot add them to the exceptions.

If you purchase ads exclusively in European countries (EEA countries), a list of target EEA countries and a list of exclusion countries are available on the “Europe” tab to help you adjust your campaigns more precisely. We would also like to remind you that buying ads on Google for the domain iqoption.com is prohibited. You can find more information about working with contextual advertising in IQOption FAQ section or by contacting your personal manager.

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