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How to promote your YouTube channel?

how to promote your youtube channel

Millions of videos are uploaded to the internet every second. Each day users watch over one billion hours of video on YouTube alone. According to a recent forecast by Cisco, internet video will grow to more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022. We cannot let the grass grow under our feet anymore. It is high time we created videos that work and promoted them right, as video is making its way towards becoming the most important element of marketing strategies.

Today we will talk about YouTube, a source preferred by 83% of video content consumers. How to target the right audience and bring more viewers to your YouTube channel and accelerate its growth? Use the following tips to craft your own video content strategy.

Keywords are key

What are keywords and why are they important? Keywords are words or phrases you use to find something on the web. As YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, it is obvious that we should optimize videos with the help of keywords.
A catchy title will certainly help you hook more viewers, but do not forget to include keywords in it. The same applies to video description, a short piece of information that tells people what your video is about. Write smart searchable descriptions that provide valuable information for your subscribers and potential viewers. Put the most important keywords at the beginning of descriptions.

Tags help YouTube to categorize your video and understand its content better. Use descriptive tags to indicate to YouTube which topics are covered in your video. Include target keywords in tags.

By the way, do not forget about thumbnails. Make a good snapshot of your video to make it stand out in YouTube search results.

Engagement matters

Engagement shows how viewers react to your video: whether they watch it to the end, like or dislike it, share it with their friends, which comments they leave, etc. Likes and comments have a strong correlation with YouTube rankings: the more comments and likes your video has, the higher it ranks. To maximize engagement, promote your video on social media right after you have published one on YouTube.

Use interactive features such as end screens and cards. They act as prompts and help to promote other videos from your channel. Add links to descriptions encouraging viewers to check them out. The more engaged viewers you have, the higher the chances that YouTube will recommend your video. Remember that suggested videos have an advantage in YouTube search.

Keep in mind that YouTube prefers longer videos to short ones because they provide more value to users and keep them on the site for a longer period of time. Videos that are longer than 15 minutes outperform shorter videos and tend to rank best. Videos that are 10 minutes long or more will bring you more money from ads. Consider such formats as explainers, tutorials, commentary, etc.

Make the most of stats

Promoting your video channel without using statistics is like sailing the open sea without a compass: you can reach your destination, but you will most likely get there late. YouTube Analytics is a great tool that gives you all the necessary data about your videos and indicates how your channel is doing. Pay attention to the videos that show the best engagement results. Analyze such important parameters as watch time and subscriber count. See if they have increased or decreased and when exactly it happened. Consider the proportion of likes and dislikes, and make conclusions: which keywords work better, how long your videos should be, whether you need to focus on cross-promotion or maybe change your strategy completely.

We know that video production takes time. If you do not have your YouTube channel yet or if you do not have much content, feel free to use the videos from our Promo section to have a head start.

Last but not least, the best strategy to keep your viewers watch longer and stay subscribed to your channel is creating useful, valuable and relevant content. Do what your audience really loves and your efforts will certainly pay off.

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