Interesitng informations about promoting IQ OPTION in Italy.

Italy in the world:

Is a member of the European Union, has the third largest economy in the Eurozone. By the end of 2008 Italy’s population exceeded 60 million people. Percentage of internet-users among population is 58,5%.

Italy at IQoption:

Popular versions of the platform among users deposited in 2016:

  • Web-version ( + standalone app) – 47%
  • iOS app – 23%
  • Android app – 30%

Average deposits amount per 1 trader in 2016:

  • Overall – $479
  • Web-version 4.0 – $612
  • iOS app – $412
  • Android app – $322
  • Language: 100% Italian.

It’s worth to note few tips:

  • Attract traffic using ads and articles in Italian only.
  • Using ads in English and other languages affects the conversion rate heavily.
  • Advice on buying traffic (Google Adwords, Bing etc.).
    • Focus ads on the following keywords:
      • Demo Gratuita (Free Demo)
      • Supporto italiano 24/7 (Italian support 24/7)
  • It is important for Italians to be able to try the platform for free as well as communicate in their native language.
  • Use link for mixed traffic if advertising both on web and mobile.
  • Don’t use brand-related keywords (IQ OPTION/iqoption/IQ OPTIONs etc.).IQ OPTION Again, don’t forget to add the words from this list into the negative keywords section of your advertising campaigns in order to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Advice for website owners:
    • Use pop-up with Fabio Cannavaro from the Mobile Ads section, its average conversion rate on niche websites is about 30-35%
    • Articles about the broker as well as reviews with relevant information help raise the conversion rate up to 300%
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