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Interview with Baiba – IQOPTION account manager

Interview with IQ OPTION Manager Baiba Watson

Interview with Baiba Watson – IQ OPTION Manager/VIP Services Department

Please introduce yourself. What is your education, what are your hobbies? How long have you been working here?

Hi there, my name is Baiba and I’ve been with IQ OPTION Group for a year, I have to tell thats for me it’s the best company to work at , wonderful colleagues , management , positive energy. Few words which describe me best – sociable, active, friendly, warm hearted

My education has prepared me to deal with people and to cater to their wishes and desires. Finding out that I like to be helpful I have come across this wonderful position in this company. My hobbies are of active variety, I like to cycle, hang out with friends and generally experiencing new things.

What sort of work do you do? Who do you call, and what does your workday consists of?

I am an account manager for the VIP clients. On daily bases I follow my clients and make sure that they know that someone is here to listen to their issues and get them resolved.

IQ OPTION is developing and growing so rapidly. Can you tell us about what’s new on the platform?

IQ OPTION is evolving so rapidly that it offers constant improvements to the traders. This platform was built by traders and what they want will eventually make it into production. Here are some examples; BuyBack option, nearly all technical indicators are offered on the mobile APP and also new assets are always added

Why is the profitability of the asset changing during the day?

The profitability depends on the market movement, how volatile the market is at the time.

Why are traders sometimes not able to purchase an option? What are the reasons for it?

There are several questions that appear during trading. The most common ones are “The price of an asset has changed”, which usually pops up during high volatility, and “No options available for this expiration”.

In this case we are setting up Exposure according to statistics and asset popularity. At night there’s much less trading activity, so the exposure is reduced. We revise these values once a month and they are constantly growing. Information about the availability of options is completely open and visible to every trader in real time during trading.
We have certain obligations to our traders, and we need to guarantee we’ll pay in case of profit, that’s why we have such restrictions on the number of options.

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