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What tools are available on the IQOPTION for beginners and advanced traders?

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Question: What tools are available on the platform (for beginners, and for advanced traders)?

IQ OPTIONreply (taken from official interview): Our platform provides numerous tools for technical analysis. We currently have 12 indicators, 4 types of charts, 18 types of candlesticks, and 4 types of graphical tools. All of these are built into the platform, and this is absolutely unique! The price chart goes back three years. I can go right now and look up what the price was for the EUR/USD pair on, for example, April 1 in 2014. What is really important is that all of this works without creating a high load on the system, so basically it doesn’t have slowdowns and you can even see it on multiple screens at once. It’s hard to talk about technical analysis tools for beginners. One way or another, you need to have some experience in order to use these tools properly. Based on my own observations, I can say that traders with less than a year of experience prefer Bollinger Bands and RSI.

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