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New advanced revenue share requirement – 21 FTD


IQoption lowered FTD advanced rate requirement to 21 FTD.

Good news! You can now upgrade your rate without having to cross the 31 FTD mark.

But it’s still a lot and it’s putting in disadvantage smaller affiliates. It supposed to be a motivational but I thing it has an opposite effect.

All you need is to attract 21 FTD over a period of 30 days, and you’ll be on your way to receive 50% revenue share for each trader separately. This means:

  • Higher earnings — the broker’s loss from one trader won’t affect your profit for other traders
  • No risks — the broker will take on the risk of not receiving profit

You may be just a few FTDs away from reaching your goal, so it’s time for a final push.

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