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New Landing page and a banner for FXOptions


FXOptions landing pages and banners

Now that FX Options have made their debut in regulated countries, you can start promoting them with our newly added landing page and a banner.

Please note that traders from non-regulated countries don’t have access to FX Options. Therefore, you can promote this product only to users in Europe.

LandingPageBannerFXoptions2FX Options is an exclusive instrument for traders in the EU countries and a great alternative to binary and digital options. So why not give your website a little makeover by featuring the new instrument and some of its characteristics?

After all, we’re more inclined to buy a new laptop, for instance, once we’ve read all the tech specs and made sure it’s the right fit for us. By the same token, a short intro to the new way of trading options can do wonders for your conversion rate.

What are FXOptions:

Here are some key facts about FXOptions that you can share on your website:

  • It offers unlimited return potential
  • Potential losses are limited to the investment amount
  • The minimum amount required for investment is €25 or $30
  • Traders can open a position with 1 hour expiration time and close it before it reaches maturity

Need a more in-depth description of the product? Head over to the IQ blog for a step-by-step guide to trading FX Options. Or watch a short video tutorial to see it in action.

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