OmiseGo - Thailand Cryptocurrency

OmiseGO, also referred to as Omise, is an Ethereum-based financial technology companythat was founded in 2013. Omise offers a decentralized currency exchange through its blockchain technology in combination with a payments platform that acts as a wallet for users.

OMG gaining Traders trust

The Thailand based firm Omise’s token Omise Go received a warm welcome when it hit the exchange in July this year. The ICO also went great as the firm raised $25 million by selling the Ethereum based token and the demand was huge. Currently, according to, the non-minable token is 23rd largest in the market with over $1 billion in market cap.

Key Features

OmiseGO focusses on three core features across both its blockchain and wallet technologies:

  • Scalability – Instant settlements and low costs are top priority for OmiseGo.
  • Access – Users can access the OmiseGo exchange without a bank account.
  • Security – A decentralized currency system where a third party does not dictate authority, the goal is to promote financial inclusion through a secure and accessible system.

You can trade OmiseGo on the IQoption cryptocurrency exchange.