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Popularity of Digital Options Assets – time to promote

Popular Digital Options

Digital options are becoming more and more popular thanks to the improved trading conditions on the platform: not only they are more profitable at night, but frequent promos of increased profitability are being launched by IQOption to boost traders’ activity.

Please note that digital options are only available for non‑regulated users as well as professional traders in the EU.

They are also featured in our mobile apps, which is especially beneficial as mobile traffic expenses pay off much faster with options. Recently IQOption added a new link to iOS app, so it’s a great time to start promoting it in order to increase your conversion rate.

Not sure how to promote mobile apps with digital options? Share the news about 16 assets that are now available on the platform and highlight the advantages of trading digital options, which you can read about below.

New digital options assets

With the popularity of digital options being on the rise, 16 new assets have been added on the platform, making a total of 23 digital options for users to choose from.

What exactly do digital options offer that draws traders in?

  • Up to 900% profit for successful predictions
  • A wide range of strike prices
  • 1 and 5 minute expiration time
  • Ability to sell the option before the trade expires


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