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Rich Media – call to action – entertaining, informative and easy to consume

Rich Media - call to action

Are Rich Media the best ads you can think of?

From a client’s perspective, it’s the one that’s entertaining, informative and easy to consume. Ideally, it should be able to capture their attention without interrupting their browsing experience.

As an affiliate, however, you also want your ad to be cost-effective and measurable, so you could make calculated decisions when launching your next campaign.

Luckily for both parties, there is a type of ads that ticks all the boxes and its name is rich media. Let’s take a closer look at its core benefits to see how it managed to score 6.2 times more click-through rates (0.31% CTR) than display and static banner ads (0.05% CTR).

What is rich media and why does it work?

Rich media is essentially an interactive ad with embedded multimedia capabilities — think video, audio, animated banners (HTML5, gifs, flash) and other advanced features that create an engaging experience for the user.

Thanks to their ability to expand, change shape, float, and even run games, these ads can completely immerse viewers in the content. And the longer users interact with your ad, the more opportunities you have to convert them.

More and more marketers rely on rich media each year and while trends don’t guarantee the same successful results for everyone, IQ Option encourage you to test out different types of rich media to see what works for your traffic. The possibilities are unlimited and it’s in your power to make the most of them.

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