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6 советов для повышения эффективности при работе в качестве филиала

Лучшие советы для повышения эффективности при работе

Работая в качестве партнера может быть твердым и напряженным. Балансировка свою работу и личную жизнь может сделать вы хотите, чтобы отложить какие-то решения или задачи для всего лишь немного. В конце концов, что вред в отвлекающих? А потом, вдруг, это 2 АМ и вы должны закончить десять задач до восхода солнца!

Almost everyone has fallen into that trap at least once. It is especially easy to do if you are working remotely, as there are no fixed hours, bosses to tell you to get to work, and a lot of distractions. To help you avoid it, iqoption decided to try out a new topic that they thought would be useful for you: that of organizing your work process. There is a shortlist of a few tips that would help you to work efficiently and not to fall prey to the dreaded beast that is procrastination.

Designate a workspace

Being able to work everywhere is an important part of working remotely, sure. However, there is a reason why office format of work, well, works. It motivates people, helps them to get into the right mindset. It is easy to slack off or overwork yourself without a timetable to keep. To keep your mind in a game, you will need to set up a workspace, where you can sit down and do your tasks, and where you can leave your work and be able to relax afterward. It could be a coworking space, a spare room modeled into an office, or even a table in a corner – just make sure that there is somewhere you can take your work to.

Find your inspiration

Motivation, despite being essential to your work, can be rather fragile. To ensure that you always have the drive to continue with your task, you will need to find something to inspire you. Good way to get inspired would be reading iqoption newsletters, new and old, as they are very informative. With the right motivation and information, even the hardest work won’t look that scary.

Set priorities

Prioritizing your tasks and goals can really help you make your work process more efficient. That way, more urgent tasks will be completed on time, you won’t stress out over less important things, and your efficiency will rise significantly.

The Eisenhower Matrix can help to decide on your priorities. You can divide your tasks by their importance and urgency so that you can delegate or postpone less important and not urgent things.

Составьте график

Многие удаленные работники первого считают, что планирование является устаревшим и должен оставаться в душных офисах. Это не может быть дальше от истины. Как уже было сказано, промедление страшный зверь, который поможет вам, если ваш фокус и мотивации колебаться. Настройка расписания может помочь в предотвращении этого. Кроме того, планирование не означает, что вы не можете быть гибкими больше. В конце концов, вы все равно можете работать в любое время вы хотите, вы просто должны убедиться, что вы работаете в течение этого времени.

Найти часы пик и использовать их

Different people have different biological clocks. Some are early risers who awake fresh as daisies and are ready for work at 7 AM but get sluggish and tired the closer it is to evening. Others only survive mornings through the liberal application of coffee and energy drinks but are thrumming with energy in the afternoon. Test yourself to see when you can work at 100%, and plan your work time accordingly.

Document your progress

Sometimes even your favorite work can become a chore and demotivate you. On days like this it is easy to postpone it, and just slack off. Remote workers are hit harder since there is no one around to help out with their rut. It is also easy to get overlooked, as you are not in the office to remind everyone about your achievements. So you should document your actions, goals, and results. That way you can motivate yourself, fix any problems that you encounter, and show your progress if you need to.

Procrastination, demotivation, and low self-discipline will be your main enemies on a path to work efficiently and productively, but I hope that iqoption tips will help you overcome that fearsome trio.

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