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Bet365 new compliance rules – other may follow so be prepared

A revised compliance infraction procedure


We live in a world that is constantly changing. Institutions overseeing some partner programs are still putting pressure on companies. This is particularly true of gambling and financial markets. As affiliate partner you have to be prepared.

It’s always better to be proactive. Please have a look at recent Bet365 changes. Other gambling and financial markets companies may implement similar promotion restrictions as well soon.

The bet365 Compliance Checklist is listed below:

  1. You have ended all promotion and reference to bet365 via social media
  2. You have removed any link to any web page (which promotes bet365) via any social channel in conjunction with tipping.
  3. You do not have any text promoting any bet365 offer that is not taken directly from the Promotional Text section in the Affiliate back end, and you have ensured that any reference to any bet365 offer includes ‘18+’ and ‘T&Cs apply’ in each and every instance.
  4. Any promotion of specific offers such as the Euro Soccer Accumulator Bonus and Bore Draw Money Back are deep linked to the relevant page of the bet365 Extra site. These must be requested from us directly and approved by us
  5. You do not use the word ‘free’ in relation to promotional content about any of bet365’s offers, concessions, products or services such as Live Streaming etc.
  6. All of your pages promoting bet365 have 18+ and the appropriate Gamble Responsibly message for the relevant market (e.g. BeGambleAware (for the UK)). Please contact us if you’re unsure.
  7. You have removed all screenshots of bet365 products/services.
  8. You have removed or replaced any self-created or re-hosted creative with bet365 hosted banners from the Affiliate back end.
  9. You have removed any content from your reviews which could be deemed as factual e.g. payment methods, software, contact details, company history. Review content moving forwards must coveronly your personal experience and opinions of bet365 products and services (and make it apparent these are indeed solely your opinions).
  10. If you are referencing bet365 odds which are not pulled directly from our XML feed, then you must do so accurately and it must be made clear that odds are correct at time of publishing (with a clear date and timestamp showing when such odds were published) and are subject to change.
  11. You have ended all 3rd party media buying activity.
  12. You have ended any pop ups/unders or interstitials which force a cookie onto a visitor, including on your own site.
  13. You have ended any SMS/WhatsApp/Telegram or any other form of direct communication marketing.
  14. You have ended any emails/newsletters (promoting bet365). Any future emails/newsletters are only permitted with express pre-approval from bet365. Approval will only be granted if email lists can be shown to be 18+ and double opt-in.
  15. Any form of advertorial marketing including (but not limited to); ‘Fake news’ stories, articles depicting ‘real life’ events and scenarios, promoting bet365 is strictly prohibited.
  16. No links to any copyright infringing content will be permitted on any website/channel promoting bet365. Links to replays of goals, match highlights etc. are not permitted (unless you are the rights holder to said content), irrespective of where the content is hosted (by you or a 3rd party).
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NOTES: This and other articles are not investment advice. They are of an informative nature and are based on external analysis and we do not guarantee that the information is thoroughly checked by us. As required by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), binary and digital options trading is only available to clients qualified as professional clients.