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Status of binary options – is it legal or not?

binary options legal or not

It’s no secret that the world of trading is fast-paced and susceptible to changes. That is why staying on top of the latest industry developments is always key. To help you stay in the loop, IQOption would like to talk about ESMA’s latest stance on binary options. They also got new promo materials to share and information that will enable you to step up your affiliate marketing efforts.

Last year, ESMA decided to prohibit binary and digital options and impose restrictions on CFDs. Since then, most EU countries have followed ESMA’s suit by implementing prohibitive legislation on binary options and their promotion. Although ESMA did not renew these measures this past July, the regulator continues to monitor activities related to the options market.

What does it mean for you? IQOption Europe Ltd is regulated by CySEC, which also complies with ESMA regulations. This, combined with the fact that most EU countries have already put their own measures in place, means that it is still prohibited to promote binary options trading on behalf of IQ Option on the territory of the EEA.

For more information about CySEC’s decision regarding binary options, please refer to ESMA’s official publication.

ESMA Official Publication link about status of Binary Options.

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NOTES: This and other articles are not investment advice. They are of an informative nature and are based on external analysis and we do not guarantee that the information is thoroughly checked by us. As required by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), binary and digital options trading is only available to clients qualified as professional clients.