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Time to switch to the new IQOPTION affiliate dashboard

New dashboard on IQ OPTION

Older version of the IQ OPTION affiliate website won’t be available anymore.

This week IQ OPTION will disable the older version of IQ OPTION Affiliate. They hope you had enough time to get used to the new version and to appreciate all its’ benefits.

If not, here are the three reasons to fall in love with it:

Optimized Interface:

New dashboard on IQOPTION
Source: IQ OPTION affiliate program

Now you can check your stats on any device you want. All the tables and charts will adapt to your smartphone or tablet. Thus, you will always stay informed about new registrations and deposits!

New Charts and dashboard:

New stats on IQOPTIONOn a dashboard you can compare your results with the previous month’s. While new charts not only look good, they also help you track all the changes in your stats.

Flexible e-wallets system

New payments methods on IQOPTION

You can have several e-wallets at the same time now and switch between them as needed. And as soon as you reach level 5, payments by request become available to you. The condition for this is quite simple – your income over the last 30 days should be at least $2000.

But there’s even more to it! You’ll find more updates and increased functionality in the future. You can leave your feedback and suggestions by following this link

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