updated penalty system for iqoption

Updated penalty system on IQ Option

We want to make sure that advertising campaigns our affiliates run are fair and respectful towards all brands. With this in mind, we have changed our penalty scheme to eliminate questionable practices:

  1. First violation — removal of all registrations made in the past two weeks and all subsequent days until the ad is deleted.
  2. Second violation — removal of all registrations for the past month and the following days until the ad is deleted as well as a deduction of $1000 from the affiliate’s balance.
  3. Third violation — a lifelong ban and immediate termination of all affiliate’s accounts.

If you have more than one affiliate account, the penalty system will be applied to all of them. It is crucial that you follow the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Agreement in order to avoid risking your account or accounts being terminated. Please refer to sections 8.2.5 and 8.2.6 for any additional information.