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When to post content online?


According to recent research by Sprout Social, you can achieve better engagement with your content by adjusting the time you publish online. People crave different types of content at different points throughout the day, and the platform they engage with can also play a role.

Let’s start by looking at Facebook. If you are posting, say, motivational material, Wednesday from 11 am to 1 pm are the overall best times to engage your audience. One reason for this is that readers tend to look for inspirational content at the beginning of their day. So, if your content promotes ambition and determination, this time would work best for you. You can explore more times and days below.

Now let’s talk about entertaining content, such as funny articles or videos. This type performs better on Tuesdays at 5 pm and Fridays from 8 am to 9 am. Wonder why? Most likely it’s because people are looking to unwind in the evenings and towards the end of the workweek, scrolling through memes, pictures, and other material of the sort. The stats speak for themselves:

What about the days with the lowest engagement? Generally speaking, it’s best to avoid posting on Sundays, as this day tends to perform poorly.

Let’s switch gears a bit and take a look at the best times for publishing informative content on Instagram. Wednesdays at 11 am and Fridays from 10 am to 11 am demonstrate higher activity. These are great times to experiment with all the features Instagram has to offer. Overall, weekday afternoons are your best bet.

If your focus is on media content, try posting on Fridays at 9 am. Sprout Social’s research showed that audiences turn to Instagram earlier in the day for visual content, meaning you should try and catch users’ attention in the morning.

Another window of time worth considering is the period from Thursday night into Friday morning. Though engagement is lower than the highest peak times, it could be a great opportunity to tap into audiences that choose Instagram over other platforms during this time.

The main takeaway of it all? It seems the middle and end of the week is the most promising time for Instagram content, whereas Sundays don’t do much for engagement.

Let’s hope that you find this information helpful and can apply it to your future posts!

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