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Where you can trade Bitcoin with a Multiplier

Crypto Multiplier - featured

You can now trade Crypto like Bitcoin with an investment Multiplier*

What’s a Multiplier?

Crypto Multiplier x5 (1)A multiplier allows you to invest a greater amount than the one you have on hand. If you were to open a position worth $100 using an x5 multiplier your potential profit (and loss) would be calculated as if you were investing $500*.

Crypto Multiplier x5

Why use a Multiplier?

Traders turn to Multipliers in order to make the most of even the slightest price fluctuations*. It can be equally useful when the market is volatile and stagnant.

The use of multiplier is offering outstanding opportunities to people who know what exactly they are doing. However, it should be applied with caution as not only the profit but also the potential loss will be multiplied respectively.

* Applying an Investment Multiplier to a trading position results in higher losses in case of an unsuccessful prediction. Please use discretion.

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