Customer question: What if my winning is higher than the amount deposited in my trading account? What is withdrawal process in this case?

Also what if I don’t have either e-wallet or Skrill, how will I withdraw the rest?

General Rule

The withdrawal amount must not be larger than the deposit
Made from that card

IQ OPTION official reply:

For example, you have invested 120$ from the card, now you have 220$ on your trading balance. So what you need to do is to apply for the withdrawal of 120$ back to the card and the rest needs to go to the e-wallets or be withdrawn via the wire transfer.

In case you do not have an e-wallet, you can withdraw via the wire transfer, but please note that banks charge $50 fee for such transactions.

To be able to withdraw funds at once, please do not use the bank card (90 days have gone since your last deposit), use the e-wallets, they have no limitsIQ OPTION

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