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×20 multiplier for stock CFDs & 50 new stock CFDs

New x20 multiplier for CFDs on stocks

New ×20 multiplier for stock CFDs & 50 new stock CFDs

The stock market scare that we witnessed a little over a week ago remains a hot topic in the trading community. After rapidly declining for several days, stocks fell again last Monday, causing uncertainty among investors.

As much as it fits the Halloween theme, it’s not all doom and gloom in the stock market — on Tuesday it suddenly rebound as some of the largest US companies reported high earnings.

Does this mean that the Bull market is here to stay or should we expect another major sell-off anytime soon?

It’s tough to predict the trend, so let you call the shots. Now you can trade 50 more CFDs on stocks, and non-regulated users can take advantage of the ×20 multiplier on top of that.

×20 multiplier for stock CFDs

A bigger multiplier is now available for non-regulated stock traders.

In times of high volatility, which is currently taking place in the stock market, a multiplier provides a high-risk high-return way of trading for those who seek to get more from the price changes.

Thanks to the opportunity to make investments exceeding budget, you can, for instance, invest $500 with a ×20 multiplier and see the results as if you invested $10000. Should the trend go against you, your losses will still amount to $500, since you can never lose more than originally invested.

50 new stock CFDs

It’s an overwhelming choice of stocks.

That’s 50 new assets that have arrived on the IQOption platform and expanded IQOption collection to more than 150 stock CFDs.

You can see the full range of what’s available on the Assets page of the IQ Option website.

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