Finding alternatives to Google Adwords

Affiliate Marketing

Finding alternatives to Google Adwords

Google’s decision to ban ads for Binary Options, CFDs and Forex left many affiliates feeling unmotivated as AdWords takes up a substantial share in online advertising. IQ OPTION identified some good alternative sources of traffic to test out.

Let’s be honest, Google’s decision to ban ads for Binary Options, CFDs and Forex left most of us feeling unmotivated. After all, AdWords takes up a substantial share in online advertising, and for a lot of affiliates, it’s a primary source of traffic. Finding alternatives would’ve been a challenge — or so it seemed.

IQ OPTION affiliate team dug deep into the web and what they found won’t shock you, but it will definitely give you some good sources of traffic to test out.

Today’s pick is native ad networks and here are the reasons why they’ve made the cut:

It’s a trend that’s on the rise
In 2017 spending on native ads has increased by 74% and it continues to grow

Users want to click on them
By blending in with the content ads appear as an additional article or a website section that carries valuable and relevant information for the reader

They can bypass ad blockers
Native ads can meet Acceptable Ad standards if implemented according to the criteria

Native Ad Networks

While IQ OPTION did best to select top traffic sources for you, it’s important to understand that not all ad networks listed below will work for everyone. To help you make the right choice, IQ OPTION are presenting our findings in a bite-sized format with three key benefits each network has to offer:

Yahoo Gemini — a unified marketplace that offers mobile search and native advertising.

  • Minimum deposit — $25
  • Low cost per click
  • Ability to import campaigns from Google Adwords
  • Targeting specific audience by geo, devices, age, gender, interests

Redirect — a service that allows you to buy email, display, pop, domain and RON traffic through a real-time bid system.

  • Minimum deposit — $25
  • Intuitive geo-targeting system
  • Targeting, scheduling and reporting tools
  • Easy to set-up, track and scale campaigns

Ayboll — an advertising platform that offers valuable targeted traffic (link doesn’t work anymore so I removed it, not sure if that agency is still active)

  • Minimum deposit — $250
  • Quick set up and approval process
  • Flexible ad formats
  • Ability to target by country, language, device and other categories

Taboola — a world leading native discovery platform with over one billion relevant users across premium publishers. Please note that cryptocurrency ads are prohibited on Taboola. You can advertise Options, Forex and CFDs.

  • Minimum deposit — $100
  • User-friendly interface
  • In-feed ad placements on premium publishers’ sites
  • Retargeting users on other platforms

Adyoulike — an AI-powered advertising platform that allows to create and deliver seamless, scalable and relevant Deep Native Advertising campaigns.

  • Minimum deposit — $20
  • User-friendly
  • Targeting technologies & optimization algorithms
  • Campaign distribution with prestigious publishers

AdNow — a responsive advertising platform that works with high-end technologies, such as RTB, big data and AI, to serve relevant ads.

  • Minimum deposit — $30
  • Fast and easy account setup
  • Large network of publishers
  • Advanced targeting options: geo, device, carrier, connection, operating system, browser

Outbrain — a premium discovery platform that connects marketers to their target audience through personalized recommendations on the world’s leading publishers.

  • Minimum deposit — $20
  • Flexible pricing and campaign setup
  • Works with premium publishers, such as and many more
  • Available ad formats include: native in-feed, native in-article, recommendation widget

PropellerAds — a multi-channel advertising network that provides ad-serving and optimization technologies.

  • Minimum deposit — $100
  • Wide selection of performance models: CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS and CPM bidding
  • Ability to target by countries, operating system, device category & model, ad placement, dayparting, frequency capping and more
  • Easy to use

RevContent — the world’s fastest growing content recommendation network.

  • Minimum deposit — $100
  • Unlimited customization of the API
  • Targeting and retargeting features
  • UX-driven campaign implementation — a sponsored content recommendation platform.

  • Minimum deposit — $250
  • Simple campaign setup
  • Ability to target by site, geo, device and operating system
  • Direct Network of thousands of websites

MGID — an audience development network providing native ad placements on premium entertainment and lifestyle websites.

  • Minimum deposit — $100
  • Targeting and retargeting features: geo, operating system, browser, time, country
  • Data integration into Google Analytics and other third-party analytical systems
  • Real-time analytics and an intuitive dashboard

Sharethrough — a content-driven advertising software for in-feed, native monetization.

  • Minimum deposit — no set minimum
  • Real-time templating
  • Ad placements on Forbes, Time, People and other leading global publishers’ websites
  • A variety of ad formats tailored for specific objectives

TrafficJunky — a CPM-based advertising network that works with publishers specializing in adult dating, gambling, health and beauty, entertainment and gaming.

  • Minimum deposit — $25
  • Auto-optimization
  • Targeting by device, time, geo, capping, keyword, internet service provider and interests
  • Comprehensive cost, click and impression statistics delivered in easy to understand reports

Adblade — a content-style native advertising platform.

  • Minimum deposit — $50
  • Access to a large number of premium branded news sites
  • Targeting by geo, device and interests
  • Detailed performance reports

IQ OPTION recommends you to test several sources of traffic listed above to determine what works best for you. As an experiment, you can set aside a specific budget, evenly distribute it between ad networks that caught your attention and set up campaigns with a shared criteria (i.e. choose the same targets, ad formats and launch date). You can then measure the campaigns’ performance to see which networks generate the highest ROI.

Good Luck!

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