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Hey Google, Where should I promote Forex? What about options and CFDs?

Google graph for Forex Binary Options & CFDs popularity

IQOption team asked Google where should you where should you promote Forex, Options and CFDs?

If IQOption wasn’t fully convinced of Google’s mind-reading capabilities before, IQOption team done some research this time. They share an interesting analysis of the financial industry which could help you choose the right country for each trading instrument (or vice versa).

Here’s what they found:

  • Forex is popular in developing countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil), where people are more interested in risky products. But the biggest investors are the UK and South Africa.
  • Binary Options are also a favorite in developing countries since the biggest share of investment and search queries come from there.
  • CFDs, on the other hand, show a greater investment ratio in the UK, Germany and Italy.

Even though it’s Google we’re talking about, we still suggest taking these findings with a grain of salt. No amount of data can beat your practice and experience, so it’s better to use such reports as a reference point and carry out research of your own.

When in doubt, you can always build upon the following information:

  • Binary and Digital Options show the highest ROI in non-regulated countries.
  • Forex, CFDs and FXOptions are the only products available in regulated countries.
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