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Festivities, schedules, and hints for promotion in Latin America and Europe

Christmas in Latin America

How does your audience celebrate the winter holidays — and does it, really?
We will review the Christmas and New Year traditions of IQ Option latest top-performing countries of Latin America, Europe and Asia in terms of FTD. Use these insights to fuel your promo with extra chills and motivation!

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New Year’s Eve
Mascots & symbolsPapai Noel & Bom Velhinho, ragdoll, Christmas tree, white clothes for the New Year’s EveEl Nino Dios (baby Jesus), candles, Christmas tree, ragdollBaby Jesus and Santa Claus , pinata, nativity scenes (nacimiento), poinsettia flowers, angelsSamichlaus, Befana and the Three Kings, gluhwein, advent calendars, advent crowns, Christmas cookies, fondue
Days offDecember 25-26,
December 31 – January 1
December 25,
December 31
December 25,
January 1
December 25,
December 31

Winter holidays are loud in Latin America. The celebrations begin in December with the birth of baby Jesus and end in January with the Feast of the Adoration of the Magi.

Christmas is rather family-oriented, while the New Year celebrations are more party-ish: people go to the beach, dance, and watch fireworks.

Hint: New Year’s Eve is the time for all sorts of money-related rituals. Play them out in your promo! For example, it is customary to wear yellow underwear on New Year’s Eve — this should bring success in financial affairs for the year to come. Pomegranate seeds and bay leaf put in the wallet are also believed to bring luck with money.

Christmas in Europe

Christmas in Europe
*Depends on the cantone

Europe is a keeper of the age-old Christmas and New Year traditions. Santa Claus, Christmas tree, markets, bells — many holiday mascots originated there and later spreaded all over the Christian world. Despite the fact that holiday traditions in most EU countries are similar, each one has its own national flavor.

Hint: In Europe, Christmas Eve is a bigger deal than Christmas Day. Schedule your promo activities before December 24 — this is when the public interest spikes. Also, any European wishes for what’s called “White Christmas” — simply put, a snowy holiday (that doesn’t happen all that often). Add those snowflakes to your visuals to cheer up your European audience.

Festivities, schedules, and hints for promotion in Asia and Africa

Here the focus is on IQ Option top-performing countries of Asia and Africa in terms of FTD.

Asian and African traditions are very different from what we see in the Western Christmas movies. Use our hints to tweak your promo materials to the local holiday spirit!

Christmas in Asia

India, Malaysia, Philippines

Christmas in India Malaysia Philippines

Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey

Christmas in Asia
*Depends on the state

Asian countries gladly adopt the commercialized side of the Christmas holidays such as decorations and save their party fuel for the winter holidays of their own. Here are the most significant ones in the countries from our list:

  • Thailand: Thailand Сonstitution Day (December 10), King Bhumibol’s Birthday (December 5), Lunar new year (January 25)
  • India: India Republic Day (January 26), The Hindu festival of Thaipusam (January 28), Maha Shivratri Day (February 21)
  • Vietnam: Lunar new year (February 12), Vietnamese New Year (January 24-25)
  • Malaysia: Lunar new year (February 12)
  • Philippines: Rizal Day (December 30), Lunar new year (February 12)

Hint: When markets are closed for the holidays, promote trading on the OTC (over-the-counter) market. Point out the opportunity to trade over the days-off when the market is less crowded.

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