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How to trade Classic Options on IQ OPTION


How to trade Classic Options on IQ OPTION & Strategies (Strangle Strategy)

IQ OPTIONrevealed newest trading instrument — the Classic Options. A lot of traders may have been waiting for it. It’s a pleasure to trade on IQ OPTIONplatform so classic options should be big hit on this platform. Please note that classic options are not short term trades in contrast to some binary options.

Please watch the video below which explains how to trade classic options on IQ OPTION:

  1. First choose an asset to trade. (Trending options shows the most dynamic options).How to trade and pick classic option on IQ OPTIONs platform
  2. Choose the amount of Options you would like to buy.Number of Options on IQoption classic options
  3. Call and put buttons automatically displays amount of your investment. This is the amount which will be deducted from your balance when you open your position.CALL and PUT on classic options on IQoption platform
  4. When you hover over CALL or PUT buttons you will see profit/loss bars displayed on the chart.
  5. First bar shows the projected profit of the trade in case of asset price change.Profit after sale classic options
  6. The second bar shows your profit at the expiration.Profit after expiration classic options
  7. Your potential profit is unlimited in classic options but any loss is limited to the amount you invested.Limited loss on classic options
  8. You can watch your position on the panel of ‘open positions’ on the left. You can track your options performance so you can sell your options at the good price without waiting for the expiration time.Sell classic options before expiry time
  9. You can use strikes and see your profit to risk ratio to determine the option price at different strikes.High Risk High Profit on IQ OPTION Lower risk smaller profit on classic options

Classic Options are available on the platform only when the American stock exchange is open: 9.30 – 16.00 (GMT-5) [New York] or 14:30 – 21:00 (GMT) [London]

Classic Options on IQOPTION opening times

Using Strangle Strategy on Classic Options (iqoption)