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How to trade on the stock market based on information about the coronavirus epidemic.

Coronavirus strategy on trading stocks on IQOption

Coronavirus strategy for trading shares on IQOption

What strategy should you take with panic caused by coronavirus? Which shares should I buy, sell and take advantage of price changes caused by panic? How will coronavirus affect share prices?

The IQOption platform is ideal for using stock trading for coronavirus-induced panic. You can sell (short) or buy (long) depending on the strategy you choose.

First, some coronavirus history.

Initially, the coronavirus appeared at the end of last year in the Chinese province of Hubei. At first, it resembled ordinary flu.

Recent data show that this disease kills about 2% of infected people. This is a flu-like infection. It is highly contagious. The most difficult thing to stop is that the infected person is not aware that he is sick. Symptoms occur later, but the person in the meantime infects others. Symptoms of coronavirus are fever, coughing and difficulty breathing, which is similar to normal flu.

Closed factories and offices in China will have a significant negative impact on the Chinese economy. In turn, the Chinese economy, which is one of the largest in the world, will affect the global economy. This is called a Domino effect because complex global supply chains have been affected.

We already know that the virus has spread to many other countries in Europe, Africa and the Americas. The fact that the virus knows no borders and spreads quickly speaks in favour of a strategy for declines in global stock exchanges.

There are probably many speculators who will trade shares for news about coronavirus. However, this is a very risky strategy. Uncertainty causes panic in financial markets. However, it seems that the best strategy is to buy shares at lower prices and hold them long-term. Any other strategy is fortune-telling. Short-term, speculative purchase of shares is very risky. It is not known, therefore, how much it will affect financial markets around the world. When it comes to short-term strategy, coronavirus will definitely affect sectors such as travel, leisure and production. This is due to the fact that most people will reduce travel to a minimum.

Strategy for coronavirus – an opinion which shares to buy, sell and speculate wisely

In the short-term strategy at IQOption, you can also use the information that the coronavirus is a seasonal epidemic and will disappear when spring arrives. Of course, only time will verify all strategies.

However, if you would like to speculate and play for declines, the IQOption platform is perfect for that. However, we ask for wise speculation, without undue risk. Please remember that good investor in uncertain times invest capital in gold and CHF. And the smartest of them buy at the time of correction, while others panic. Of course, you can play and speculate through various strategies on IQOption. You should risk no more than 10% of the capital.

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