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Incorrect tracking of affiliate referrals on IQoption account (resolved)

Incorrect affiliate referrals count on IQ OPTION partner program

I have noticed incorrect tracking of my affiliate referrals (sub-affiliates) on IQ OPTIONpartner program.

Please note it’s only refer to sub-affiliate not client referrals which seems to be working fine.

A big part of my affiliate marketing is to attract new affiliates to iqoption. However I noticed that I have not referred any for a while. I started wondering if my affiliate link works properly so I clicked my affiliate link and created a ‘dummy’ account. After checking the stats I discovered that it has not been referred.

I contacted my affiliate manager and he said: “Wow, that is unexpected. I’ve never seen any issues with referral links before.
We should definitely investigate the situation.”

I have done one more tests which have failed.

My 2 tests:

  1. Direct link used from my Windows PC, Google Chrome (I had proxy set up for Czech Republic.)
  2. Macbook (OSX – Safari), clean account I not using for logins, so cookies should work properly. IP from UK.

Please note that the first affiliate link starts https:// the second use http:// but I believe it should not matter and both direct to the same IQ OPTIONpartner site with my affiliate id.

Both accounts received email confirmation and I confirmed their email. No KYC documents as these are just testing accounts.

I am awaiting official response from affiliate manager now. He forwarded my case to the technical department.

I will update this post if find out more details.

Update: The issue has been resolved and after retesting it sub-affiliates tracking is back to normal. Here is official response I got:

“We had a new main page set up, and for some reason it didn’t support referral cookie for a few days (about 5, I believe)”

To may knowledge the issue affected few days in early January with sub-affiliates tracking not working.

I believe IQ Option Partner program is great and I believe all the future issues will be resolved quickly. If you notice that affiliate tracking does not work properly, please contact your affiliate manager ASAP.

If you notice inconsistency with your results please contact your affiliate manager and you also you may email me on: [email protected] so I will keep an eye on the issue now or in the future.

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