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IQOption translated web videos and other promotional materials

IQOption translated web videos and other promotional materials

IQ Option new promotional materials

IQ Option released a new format of promo materials and it looks nothing like the others. Let’s just say that it showcases the product in the most authentic way.

But before you rush to see the new tab, here are a few more updates:

  • Translated web videos
  • 12 new assets on the platform
  • 2 new trading tools
  • and one giant batch of indicators

First things first — promo news.

Grand opening: the Screenshots tab

Ever found yourself writing an excellent piece about the product you’re promoting, only to see a low click-through rate? One way to tackle this issue is to use screenshots.

IQoption screenshoots tabScreenshots are static previews that allow your audience to get to know the product before they start using it. Not only does this add weight and credibility to your content, but it can also change the way your reviews are perceived by giving them a more educational look.

Web videos: now in 11 more languages

When iqoption asked for advice on how to convert traffic from certain countries, their most common tip is to localize your content. Easier said than done, right? So we want to help you out by translating iqoption promo materials into all the languages you need.

More web videos are now available in Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Thai.

Here is for example a video how to deposit funds which was translated into 12 languages so far:

Just select your preferred language and the size of the video to embed on your website. Don’t forget to set your affiliate link as a comment to the video.

12 more FX Options assets for EU traders

Working with regulated traffic? We’ve whipped up 12 gourmet options for your audience to try:12 more FX options to trade for regulated traders

This can be served on your website or other traffic sources, with a sprinkle of knowledge on how to trade FX Options and a generous amount of features on the side:

  • Adjustable strike price
  • 1 hour expiration time
  • Ability to close a position before it reaches maturity
  • Unlimited return potential
  • Minimum investment amount is €25 or $30
  • Potential losses limited to the amount invested

For extra flavor, use our special promo materials from the FX Options ad campaign.

New tools on the platform: Asset profile and Market analysis

The best way to convert traffic is to publish relevant content. Which is why we have prepared not one but two highly-requested tools that you can write about.

Let’s start with Asset profile. Originally known as an Assets section, it has now taken the form of a handy feature on the platform. Like its website counterpart, asset profile shows an overview and real-time trading conditions of a given asset — all of which can be accessed by clicking the info button as displayed below.

assets profile 2 assets profile 1










The second tool worth mentioning is Market analysis which offers a bird’s-eye view of the financial market. It includes the latest news from trusted sources and conveniently sorts them into four main categories:

  • Smart newsfeed
  • Forex calendar
  • Earnings calendar
  • Crypto calendar

market analysis on iqoptionGive your audience 70+ reasons to trade

Another portion of technical indicators has made it to the iqoption platform, expanding our collection to 79 in total.

Why did iqoption add so many, you ask? The more the merrier. And because iqoption wanted to provide every trader with their favorite indicators.

To see an up-to-date list, click the Indicators icon on the platform or check the Technical analysis section on the IQ blog where you can find the latest articles about indicators.

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