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It’s possible to withdraw your affiliate commission in bitcoin (BTC)

withdraw affiliate commission in bitcoin (BTC)

IQOption team is glad to inform you that one of the most anticipated payment methods is now available in IQ Option Affiliate Program. Starting from today, you can withdraw your affiliate commission in bitcoin (BTC). Please note that in addition to the main terms and conditions, the conditions for BTC payments are the following:

  1. Payments in BTC are available for the non-regulated balance only.
  2. You need to have passed KYC procedures.
  3. The quotes for the exchange rate are taken from the Bitstamp exchange. The exchange rate is equal to Bitstamp’s BTC/USD Ask price + additional 1% of the Ask price (Exchange Rate) at the time of processing the payment.

Here’s a quick example: let’s say you want to withdraw $1000 and the Ask BTC/USD price is $5200; in this case, you will receive $1000/($5200×1.01)=0.1904 BTC.

As you already know, the processing of any payment request may take up to three business days. In the case of a bitcoin payment, the Exchange Rate will be locked in 15 to 30 minutes before the transaction is sent to the blockchain; this way, the dollar value of BTC you receive will be as close as possible to the initial withdrawal amount in USD.

To get payments in BTC, add bitcoin as a new payment method in Payment settings and choose it as your preferred payment method for regular payments from the non-regulated balance.

IQOption hopes the arrival of BTC payments will add more convenience and flexibility to your budget planning.

Please be advised that to implement payments in BTC, the Affiliate Agreement has been amended:

  • amendments in p. 5.5 regarding applicable payment methods;
  • p. 5.6 and p. 5.7 have been added with regards to the payment details provided to the Company.

If you do not respond and disagree with the changes in three days, this will be considered as acceptance with the amended Affiliate Agreement. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us via e-mail [email protected] or by leaving a message to your personal manager.

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