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Officials IQoption video channels will be deleted and uploaded again

IQoption videos to be removed and reuploaded

On the 17th of April this year all the videos from all official IQ OPTIONchannels will be deleted and reuploaded.


We will remove all the videos from official channels exactly in a week – on April 17, 2017.

On the same day, new videos that fully comply with the rules of the CySEC regulator will be reuploaded to our channels. They will also be available in the Video section of the affiliate program.

Uploading new videos, using old URLs is technically not possible. If at the moment you use any videos from our official channels, they need to be removed from your resources, since starting from April 17th they won’t be available.

Also, if you previously downloaded official IQ OPTIONvideos, they should also be removed on April 17th, and new ones should be uploaded. Starting from April 17th, old videos will be completely banned from use.

We draw your attention that compliance with the rules of the regulator is one of the most important points of the Affiliate Agreement and their non-compliance can lead to severe consequences for the account of the offender.

Your success as an affiliate guarantees the successful operation of the affiliate program, which is why we are sincerely interested in your quality and long-term work with us.

Let’s achieve great results together!

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