Smart links to target specific audience and new marketing materials

Official announcement for affiliates from IQoption:

Smart links to target specific audience.

We have divided links for mixed traffic into different product categories to help you communicate the right message to the right person according to the selected campaign.
For instance, if you promote cryptocurrencies and don’t segment your traffic by location and devices, then you should select the Crypto instrument from the drop-down list. The generated link will automatically detect all three criteria and show relevant landing pages for users.

New marketing materials.

Two types of banners are now available in our Promo section:
Take Profit and Stop Loss + Top Companies Shares

Generous harvest of payouts.

We have hit a new milestone of payouts during the month of November, rewarding our affiliates with over $5 million for your amazing work.

Well done team! The sky’s the limit and here’s to breaking more records in the nearest future!