IQ OPTION FAQ: Why is the profitability of the asset changing during the day

Question: Why are traders sometimes not able to purchase an option on IQ OPTION platform? What are the reasons for it?

IQ OPTION reply (taken from interview): There are several questions that appear during trading. The most common ones are “The price of an asset has changed”, which usually pops up during high volatility, and “No options available for this expiration”.

In this case we are setting up Exposure according to statistics and asset popularity. At night there’s much less trading activity, so the exposure is reduced. We revise these values once a month and they are constantly growing. Information about the availability of options is completely open and visible to every trader in real time during trading.
We have certain obligations to our traders, and we need to guarantee we’ll pay in case of profit, that’s why we have such restrictions on the number of options.