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What’s better than 50% revenue share?


What’s better than 50% revenue share?

IQoption believe that hard work should come with an added benefit, so they decided to introduce an advanced payment scheme for affiliates who make outstanding efforts.

As you know, IQoption pay 50% revenue share for all traders combined — this is how the affiliate profit is calculated for all affiliates. Now it is called a standard rate and applies to affiliates who bring 30 FTD or less in the last 30 days.

Starting from May 30th, if you bring 31 FTD or more, you will be upgraded to the advanced rate and receive 50% revenue share for each trader separately, which means:

  • Higher earnings — the broker’s loss from one trader doesn’t affect your profit for other traders
  • No risks — the broker takes on the risk of not receiving profit

What is the 50% Lifetime Revenue Share?

How is it calculated, and how much will I earn?

With the Lifetime Revenue Share, we pay you 50% of the broker’s profit for the entire time traders are active on our platform.

There are two ways of calculating affiliate profit within the context of this offer:

1. Standard: 50% Revenue Share for all the traders collectively;

2. Advanced: 50% Revenue Share for each trader separately.

In case the affiiate attracts up to 30 FTDs inclusively over the last 30 days, the amount of affiliate commission is calculated based on broker’s aggregate profit for all traders attracted by the affiliate.

The affiliate who attracts at least 31 FTDs over the last 30 days works on the Advanced Rate basis, where broker’s loss for one of the traders does not affect the amount of affiliate commission for other traders. Thus, the risks of not getting profit are undertaken solely by the broker.

FTDs are counted daily. When the affiliates reaches a point of having attracted 31 FTDs over a period of 30 days, the commission for each new trader attracted from this moment and within next 30 days will be calculated according to the Advanced Rate. In case of reaching the level of 31 FTDs again over this 30 days period, the Advanced Rate is extended for another 30 days. If this condition is not met, the rate is switched back to Standard until the conditions for obtaining the Advanced Rate are met once again, however, the calculating scheme for traders attracted over the time Advanced Rate was active will not change.

Example: On May 25 the affiliate attracted his 31st FTD over a period of 30 days, and he will be receiving profit from all the subsequent registrations up to June 23 based on the Advanced Rate. If on June 23 the number of FTDs attracted for the last 30 days, that is, for the period from May 25 to June 23, is less than 31, then, starting June 24, the affiliate will be receiving profit for all new registrations according to the Standard Rate. However, for all the registrations attracted during 30 days of the Advanced Rate being active, the affiliate will continue receiving commission based on the Advanced Rate.

TOP 10 affiliates receive commissions based on the Advanced Rate by default, regardless of numbers of FTDs attracted.

When your clients are trading you receive 2.5% of binary trades, 50% of net commission profit from Crypto trading including Hodly, 50% of the broker’s profit from trading volume on Digital options, 50% of spread on FX and CFD trades.

Please note that maximum possible profit is 50% of total deposits (deposits minus withdrawals). Commission may exceed 50% in some cases.

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