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Latin America – how to promote IQOption partner program

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Where IQOption has the highest number of traders in Latin America

Currently IQOption top countries are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela.

The right information can make or break a marketing a strategy. And with the right strategy, you can figure out how to best work with different traders. Which, in turn, will help you in increasing your profits. To help you with that, we are starting a series of newsletters describing various regions. The first three letters (including this one) will be about Latin America. Today we will tell you general info about this region and how the IQOption platform works with it: what countries are included, most used languages, favorite currencies and payment methods, and the most widespread devices.


Latin America, while not the most stable of regions, is the one with a good perspective and economic growth rate. The latest forecasts show that local countries’ GDP is bound to grow significantly by the end of this year and will probably continue doing so. So it would be best not to miss out on a chance to look into some promising countries.

The Latin America region consists of the following countries:

If you wonder about what countries to concentrate your efforts, here is the list of countries that have the highest number of traders and the biggest LTV:

  1. Brazil,
  2. Colombia,
  3. Mexico,
  4. Peru,
  5. Argentina,
  6. and Costa Rica.

Countries are sorted from highest to lowest.


As Latin America is a diverse region, there is a wide spectrum of different languages, from European to native ones, but the most widespread language in the region is Spanish. In all countries except Brazil, where most people speak Portuguese, Spanish is a state language. Despite the fact that English is the third most popular language in the region, only a small number of people can use it well. Other European languages, along with native dialects usually have a lesser amount of speakers, around 10% and less, so we don’t recommend using either English or them for marketing purposes. IQoption platform isn’t an exception, as most IQ Option traders in Latin America prefer either Spanish or Portuguese, so you know what banners and landing pages to use.

Currencies and Payment Methods

It comes as no surprise that most people in the region pay with their country’s currency in their everyday lives. However, IQ Option traders from Latin America trade and make deposits in the US dollar, or the Brazilian real (Brazilian traders).

In terms of payment methods, cards are the preferred ones on iqoption platform for this region, with only Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia differing. Brazil traders use Boleto to deposit funds, and Colombian and Venezuelan traders prefer Skrill along with cards. Let’s stay on the topic of Boleto for a little while. It is essentially a cheque form that is available for people who do not have a bank account, which is a majority of Brazilians. That, along with its recent support for online transfers, makes it so popular in Brazil.

Devices Used

Traders in Latin America prefer the desktop version of the I Option platform, with 50-52% of users on average preferring it to mobile. Android comes in second place, with iOS placing third, with only Brazil having iOS as a second-most used platform. So if you want to include Brazil (which is highly recommended) in your Latin American marketing campaign, take that into consideration.

IQoptions provides promo materials for all devices, including Desktop, Android, and iOS. Check out their Spanish and Portuguese landing pages and banners, and use them to work comfortably with Latin American traffic.

IQOption South America Statistics

Now it is time to have a look at some statistics related to the IQ Option trading platform. We constantly monitor and analyze iqoption users’ behavior, and today we are pleased to share some valuable data with you so that you could plan and customize your marketing campaigns. Let’s dive into the figures and take a look at iqoption country rankings based on different criteria: FTD conversion rate, deposit amount, etc.

Conversion rate (CR) to first-time depositors (FTD)

A very important acquisition metric is conversion rate (CR) to first-time depositors (FTD), or FTD conversion. This parameter shows a percentage of registered users that have made their first deposit. IQoption most recent ranking is topped by Costa Rica, followed by Brazil, Peru, and other countries as shown in the table below:

Handy tips: The greater %CR to FTD, the higher your chances to get profit from registered users attracted to the platform. Nevertheless, you should always pay attention to the number of registrations in a particular country. Why? A lower CR does not necessarily mean that a country has fewer FTDs. For example, take a look at Brazil. Actually, it has a higher number of FTDs because it is a big country with a large volume of traffic.

Percentage of users depositing over $100

The next ranking is based on the percentage of users depositing over $100. The average result ranges between 19%-27.5%, with Argentina topping the ranking. Costa Rica and Mexico take the second place (26%), while Chile wins bronze with 24.5%:

A little insight about iqoption deposits in Latin America

As you might remember from iqoption previous email, IQ Option clients from Latin America trade and make deposits in the U.S. dollar, while traders from Brazil use the Brazilian real (BRL). The minimum deposit amounts in these currencies are $10 or 20 BRL.

Handy tip: highlight the minimum deposit amount in your promo materials.

Favorite payment methods

IQOption has a variety of international and domestic payment methods available to traders. Traders from most Latin American countries usually deposit funds via bank cards. Nonetheless, bank cards are not the only payment method used in the region. For example, Brazilian traders often choose Boleto, while Skrill takes the second spot by popularity in Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela. Pago Fácil, a local payment system, is supported by the IQ Option platform and is widely used by traders from Argentina.

Handy tip: let traders know which payment methods are available to them on the IQOption platform. Include the most preferred ones, always with logos, in iqoption promos.

Preferred trading instruments

Favorite trading instruments are key to making marketing campaigns hit the target. IQoption users from Latin America like fast deals, that is why they choose binary options (41%-62%) or digital options (22%-37%) to trade. Forex is popular among 6%-10% of traders. CFDs are traded by 3%-6% of users, and so are cryptocurrencies.

Handy tips: You may choose to promote the most popular trading instruments, but keep in mind that users vary their behavior and do not always act according to the ad message. Nevertheless, additional tutorials, articles, posts, and other educational materials wouldn’t go amiss. Get ready-made marketing materials in the Promo section. IQoption always tests the effectiveness of their landing pages and include them in this section only if they prove to be successful. If your own marketing materials produce even greater results, feel free to use them to the maximum.

IQoption Argentina – deposit restrictions

On October 31, 2019, the Central Bank of Argentina imposed some restrictions on the use of international payment methods in the country. Argentina’s financial regulator has stipulated the maximum deposit amount from bank cards – $50 per operation. Moreover, traders from this country cannot top up the balance of their Neteller, Skrill and other digital wallets. An alternative valid payment method that some clients are using is Mercado Pago.

If you are already buying or planning to attract traffic from Argentina, we recommend that you adjust your budgets and consider other top Spanish-speaking countries, such as Colombia, Peru, Chile, or Panama.

General advice for affiliate marketers in South and Central America

While the Latin America region and its people are rather diverse, they have some things in common that you can use if you want to address a wider audience:

  • Take into account the most popular devices: with the mobile revolution going strong in Latin America, the number of users accessing the internet from their mobile devices keeps rising. Even now more than half of people use them to browse the internet and to pay for digital services.
  • Use videos and pictures: it is always advisable to have some graphics in your marketing campaigns, but it even more so in Latin countries. According to the HubSpot Content Trends Survey, 62% of people in those countries would prefer videos to other forms of marketing. You can either use your own creatives for that or save money and time and use ours.
  • Focus on popular trading instruments: statistics show that traders from Latin American countries on iqoption platform prefer to trade binary options (41-62%) or digital options (22-37%). Forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies interest fewer people, with 6-10%, 3-6% and 3-6% respectively. Plan accordingly, and focus your efforts on instruments that are more likely to attract people.
  • Two prevalent languages: it would be better for you to use either Spanish or Portuguese languages in your banners and videos. Most countries have Spanish as their state language with only Brazil using Portuguese and being a country you can’t ignore since it has the highest GDP in the region.

Advice for marketing promotion in Brazil

One can’t talk about Latin America without mentioning Brazil. Being one of the most developed countries in the region, it is a place that you want to pay attention to. Let’s take a look at how you can enter the local scene:

  • Promote tournaments: Brazil is a country with the most participants (region-wise) in any IQ Option tournament. Take note that all of iqoption tournaments are periodic, so check if there is one held if you want to use it. With that in mind, you can use them as the attraction point.
  • Boleto: as it is the most popular payment method in the country, we couldn’t ignore it. You should mention that IQ Option supports many payment methods, and use the Boleto logo or symbol in your reviews and creatives for Brazil to help you in improving your conversion rates.
  • Use colorful creatives: to attract more attention to your website or your marketing campaigns, creative materials are a must, especially since visual content is very important for Latin America people, especially for Brazilians. Add some bright colors, utilize national topics (football, capoeira, beaches), and you will certainly catch local traders’ eye.

Advice for marketing promotion in Colombia

Another one of IQOption top countries is Colombia. May not be the richest in the region nor does it have the highest FTD conversion rates. But it is stable and the number of traders from there grows steadily. Here are some tips that you can use there:

  • Skrill: as bank cards are less popular in the country, Colombians use e-wallets more often for their payments, with Skrill being the most popular, so make sure to note that IQ Option supports Skrill.
  • Promote tournaments: much the same as Brazil, Colombians like their tournaments. And remember that iqoption tournaments are held periodically, so check if one is held at the moment if you want to use it. Mention them in your reviews and ads to get attention.

Advice for marketing promotion in Costa Rica

While not as big or as rich as other countries, Costa Rica consistently has much higher FTD conversion rates among other countries: a whopping 10+% every month. That’s a cause enough to get interested, so here are some advice:

  • Bank Card Payments: the most popular method of payment in the country is neither an e-wallet nor a fully offline one like Boleto. Mention the availability of credit and debit card deposits and withdrawals on iqoption platform.
  • Country-specific campaigns: as it happens, Costa Rica has not attracted much attention from affiliates yet despite its high conversion rates. If you start focusing on this country, provide targeted text ads and banners modified specifically to it, you will achieve success there.
  • Specific Texts and Phrases: using specific words in your ads and creatives can attract more traders and make them more receptive to it. A good example of such a phrase would be ‘Pura Vida’, a country-specific phrase used to wish good luck, or say thanks.

Advice for marketing promotion in Mexico

Although not much different from other Spanish-speaking countries of the region, Mexico becomes an interesting market to look into due to the GDP steadily growing and the unemployment rate going down. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • No iOS app: while we are preparing to add iqoption iOS app in Mexican App Store, it is, for now, unavailable there. That means that iqoption mobile traffic comes through Android devices, the most popular being Huawei and Samsung. Optimize your ads and creatives accordingly and don’t forget to check the availability of iOS app in iqoption FAQ.
  • Get ready for iOS: despite the previous tip, you should prepare for your iOS-optimized marketing campaign in advance, as iqoption is working to bring their app in this region soon.

Advice for marketing promotion in Peru

Another one of our top performing countries in this region, Peru has by far the most Android users in relation to others, with more than 50% of new users trading through it.

  • Android popularity: as it was said, Peru has the biggest percentage of new users trading through Android among other countries. With that in mind, your best bet would be to focus on mobile promos and to make your campaign as mobile-oriented and Android-friendly as possible.
  • Skrill: the same as Colombia, Peru is one of the few Latin countries where Skrill is the most popular method of payment, so you should mention its availability onv our platform.

Advice for marketing promotion in Argentina

As a country with the third-largest GDP in the region, Argentina is also a place to focus your attention on. Its fast-growing economy and the popularity of the digital sphere make it a country worth including in your marketing campaigns.

However, on October 31, 2019, the Central Bank of Argentina imposed some restrictions on the use of international payment methods in the country.

Argentina’s financial regulator has stipulated the maximum deposit amount from bank cards – $50 per operation. Moreover, traders from this country cannot top up the balance of their Neteller, Skrill and other digital wallets. An alternative valid payment method that some clients are using is Mercado Pago.

Nonetheless, if the situation improves, then iqoption advises you to include it to your geo list, and here are some tips for you:

  • Pago Facil: a payment method similar to Boleto, specific for Argentina. Not that many traders know that iqoption accept it as a deposit method, and inclusion of its logo and symbol in your creatives will make them more attractive to locals.
  • Unstable currency: right now Argentine peso is the most unstable currency in the region, with its value ever-changing. However, you can add that payment processing used by IQ Option provides some of the best conversion rates in the market. It will reduce losses from currency conversion for traders.

Now that you are armed with the most important figures about iqoption traders and their behavior, you can adjust your existing campaigns and plan new ones better.

Now that you know the ins and outs of the Latin America region, it is time to create your marketing campaigns and rake in profits.

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NOTES: This and other articles are not investment advice. They are of an informative nature and are based on external analysis and we do not guarantee that the information is thoroughly checked by us. As required by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), binary and digital options trading is only available to clients qualified as professional clients.