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Can ipad pro be an affiliate marketer main tool?


Can ipad pro with iOS11 be a laptop replacement?

Quite a few journalists and bloggers tried ipad as a laptop replacements. What I found out they all claimed that they can’t really rely on ipad for 100% of tasks.

This is the same with my experience. I even considered a Surface Pro or Surface Book as I really enjoyed working with a pen. Not that I am a painter/artists. Just having a pen in the hand felt great and that could be a “old meet modern” way of working. Still I am a little bit too much invested in the Apple ecosystem. So I waited and here we are close to iOS11 which should bring iPad pro closer to laptop replacement.

Here are other videos produced by Apple showing new iOS11 capabilities:

There are six how to videos in total, covering the following features: multitasking, document scanning and signing, mark up with Apple Pencil,  file management, drag and drop, and the new dock.

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