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Optimus Futures is a retail-only discount futures broker that provides free trading platforms, personalized training from platform technicians and one-on-one support.

Optimus provides access to all futures markets through data feeds and clearing firms worldwide. Their volume-tiered pricing breaks range from $0.50 per side for 0-20 average daily contracts up to $0.10 for over 1,000 average daily contracts.


Optimus Futures is a customer-focused discount brokerage that blends support and technology to offer an optimal trading experience. They provide competitive commissions, free platforms, low margins, multiple data feeds and clearing firms to suit a range of customer requirements.

They provide a range of trading tools, such as automated trading systems, advanced charts and commission calculators. Their team of support specialists are knowledgeable about each platform’s intricacies so they can assist you with any functionality issues you may run into.

Their flagship platform, Optimus Trader, is a visually stunning and feature-rich futures trading platform designed with professional traders in mind. It provides a unified user interface that can be accessed on PCs, phones or tablets; plus it uses Rithmic’s low latency execution over the web.

One of the great advantages to using Optimus is their 24-hour trade desk from FCMs, so you can always reach a live trader for assistance and updates on your orders. This ensures you never miss out on any opportunities.

Another advantage is their trading news platform, which can alert users to major economic developments and keep an eye on market direction. Furthermore, it gives access to real-time market data as well as order history straight from exchanges.

In addition to these tools, Optimus Futures also provides educational resources for traders of all levels. These include blogs, podcasts and weekly chart analysis of key commodity markets. Furthermore, there is an active community where traders can connect and network.


Optimus Futures is a discount broker that provides an array of futures contracts to suit the needs of all traders, including indexes, currencies, commodities and cryptos. Furthermore, it has clearing arrangements with some of the world’s largest Futures Clearing Merchants (FCMs).

Traders can trade from their own homes or on the go using desktop, iPad and mobile phones. This freedom gives them the flexibility to switch platforms as needed or connect multiple trading apps on one workspace.

In addition to its native platform, Optimus Futures provides API integration with a number of popular trading applications. This gives users the freedom to select the ideal trading platform tailored towards their individual requirements.

Additionally, Optimus Futures provides free educational resources for traders. These include articles, guides, podcasts, videos and a trading community.

Another advantage of Optimus Futures is their friendly support team. They’re available via phone, email and live chat to answer any queries you may have. Furthermore, they provide a demo account so you can test out their services without financial commitment.

Their commitment to education and trader development makes them an appealing option for traders of all abilities. They provide free articles, guides and webinars on topics such as managed futures trading and advanced charting techniques.

Additionally, Optimus Futures offers competitive pricing based on your trading frequency and technology. This is essential for traders who strive to keep costs as low as possible. However, it’s wise to do your own research on the prices offered by various brokers before making a final decision.

Deposit and withdrawal

Optimus Futures is a US-based broker that offers various trading platforms for both novice and expert investors alike. Additionally, it provides educational resources and collaborates with regulated FCMs and clearing firms. Unfortunately, Optimus Futures has some drawbacks such as high minimum deposits and no leverage trade option available.

Traders can deposit and withdraw funds using various methods, such as bank wire transfer, bank ACH and physical checks. Typically, funds are deposited into a client’s account within a few business days.

Depositing funds into an online trading account is a relatively straightforward process that usually takes around 10-15 minutes. Once verified, these funds can then be utilized for trading.

Different accounts exist, such as individual, joint, corporate and IRA. They vary in terms of trading volume, asset allocation and risk level.

Customers at Optimus Futures have the freedom to trade a variety of commodities, currencies and cryptos. Additionally, they have access to micro futures contracts which offer smaller stakes in an asset than standard contracts without sacrificing capital efficiency.

Optimus Futures is an excellent option for new traders, providing free educational resources and excellent customer service. Their simulated trading platform allows traders to experiment with strategies before moving onto real-money trading, plus they provide access to a community of fellow investors through their live YouTube program.

Trading platform

Optimus Futures provides a comprehensive trading platform and support services for self-directed traders. Its team of professionals strive to deliver tailored solutions for each trader. Furthermore, the firm provides various tools to help customers become familiar with the market and trading technologies.

Traders can access an impressive library of educational content, including videos and podcasts. Furthermore, there are numerous community groups and trading forums that provide insight on the markets and aid newcomers in learning about the industry.

In addition, Optimus Futures provides customers with free trading tools like an advanced charting platform with 85 technical indicators. These features make Optimus Futures one of the premier choices for traders worldwide.

The brokerage specializes in futures trading and is registered with the National Futures Association. Clients have access to a variety of instruments such as forex, energies, grains, indices, meats and soft commodities for trading.

Opening an account with Optimus Futures is a breeze. Customers can apply online via the Futures Clearing Merchants (FCMs) it partners with. The company offers transparent commissions that vary based on customers’ trading frequency, technology and platform of choice.

Individual accounts can be opened within a day, while corporate ones may take up to a week depending on the complexity.

Optimus Futures boasts an experienced team of customer support representatives to assist with account setup, trader questions and more. Their licensed personnel can answer queries via phone, live chat, email and text messages; furthermore they have a YouTube channel as well as a vibrant community where newcomers can learn more about futures trading.

Optimus Futures is an online broker that provides a free platform to trade futures. It connects to CQG, Rithmic and Oanda data feeds and boasts several features designed for ease of trading – like Level 2 charting, simulated trading, multiple bracket orders and accurate tick data; plus it supports order flow trading too!

Pros and cons

Optimus Futures is a US-based introducing broker that offers low commissions and no inactivity fees. They have an excellent desktop platform, research tools, as well as top-notch customer service.

Traders can open an account through the broker’s website, but they must present valid photo ID and proof of address. Alternatively, they may download an application form and send it via fax or email to the brokerage’s office.

The Optimus Futures team is highly knowledgeable and provides its customers with a wealth of educational resources, such as live programs on YouTube and trading-related articles. Furthermore, they offer personalized training from an experienced trader along with one-on-one support for any trading-related issue you might encounter.

They provide access to a wide range of data feed providers and clearers, enabling them to meet the individual requirements of their clients. These include 12 distinct data providers and seven clearing firms, giving traders the freedom to pick which option best meets their trading requirements.

Many data providers cater to institutional and high-frequency traders, while others keep costs low while providing superior order execution. Furthermore, advanced traders and larger firms can select among seven clearing firms for maximum capital efficiency and optimal order processing.

Clients can take advantage of a demo account to test their skills before investing. This helps guarantee the broker’s terms and conditions are suitable for them, plus it gives them an opportunity to evaluate the trading platform before opening a real account.

Optimus Futures’ platform, Optimus Flow, boasts an extensive list of features like window rearrangement, snap functionality and charting tools. Furthermore, this platform is compatible with multiple programming languages which makes it simple for users to construct algorithmic trading strategies.

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