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IQOption has added the CPA model to affiliate account


From now on, you can attract traders through the CPA model (which stands for “cost-per-action”), thus getting a fixed amount for each trader attracted. Also, the Revenue Share model is still available in the Affiliate program, so it’s totally up to you which payment model to choose.

CPA vs. Revenue Share — what’s the difference?
Compared with the Lifetime Revenue Share model, where you receive up to 50% of the broker’s profit for the entire time traders are active on the platform, the CPA model offers you a fixed amount for each unique active trader, as per the list (please check the updated list here)

CPARevenue Share
Profit per userUp to $165 for each active trader (one-time payment).Up to 50% of the broker’s profit for each active user (lifetime payments).
Main advantageFasr returns: you can get a considerable coin for user action in no timeLoyal clients: when people try IQ Option, they stay on the platform for years to come. You’ll be getting commissions for all these years.

Please read iqoption affiliate FAQ for more information.

How to switch an ad campaign to the CPA model?

To start using the CPA link for your ad campaign, you need to:

  • choose the CPA model in the drop-down menu of any landing page or promo;
  • make sure traders attracted via the CPA link are not associated with you in any way*;
  • start getting active traders (that should be new users of the trading platform), and receiving your CPA income for them.

*the full list of requirements for traders attracted via the CPA model is defined in points 5.5.1 and 5.5.2 of the Affiliate Agreement.

In case of incorrect use of the CPA link, the trader attracted with such a link would be calculated through the Revenue Share payment model, which is irreversible. Therefore, IQOption strongly recommends you double-check your link before running your ad campaign.

Please note that the CPA model is not available for promoting IQ Option iOS application. As an alternative for running iOS traffic via CPA, iqoption advises you to promote their PWA.

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