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Available currencies on IQOption

available currencies on iqoption

IQOption special announcement regarding new currencies on IQ Option.

New account currencies

IQ Option traders now have the opportunity to open an account in three new currencies: the Thai Baht, Philippine Peso, and South African Rand. Here’s the minimum deposit in each currency for reference.


currency-minimum-deposit-screenshoot iqoption
  • USD – 10
  • Euro – 10
  • British Pound – 10
  • Brazilian Real – 20
  • Malaysian Ringgit – 40
  • Chinese Yuan – 70
  • Indonesian Rupiah – 100 000
  • Vietnamese Dong – 200 000
  • South African Rand – 150
  • Philippine Peso – 500
  • Thai Baht – 270

That’s a very good news for traders from Thailand, the Philippines, and South Africa. This information is definitely worth spreading so please don’t hesitate to share this great news with your fellow traders.

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